Site News
The site has suffered from a renewal issue.

As a result, most of the site has been wiped out, and the data lost by the host. As our back-up were a couple of months behind, and loosing a machine of our own, many links are not working correctly at this time.

As a piont of course, this site will be repaired and updated first.

Keep calling back, as we will also be adding new content,
along with changing the site layout and removing older and
discontinued items.

Rockets and other projects will be the main thing from now.
For pumpkins! Links to Youtube will be given.


> : 2014/Dec

We had two launches this year.

Both went well, using electrical launcher. (NEW)
Videos on Youtube, links to follow.

> : 2014/Nov

Site News
With everything that has been going on, it has taken far longer than expected to catch things up here.

The replacement site framework is place,
and now the new and current content is
being put in place.

This site will be under the new-look before the end of 2013 :)

> : 2013/June